Matched photo view perspective changing when deleted

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Matched photo view perspective changing when deleted

Post by Bosseye » Wed Apr 18, 2018 1:07 am

Hi All,

Hope someone can help - its appears to be a Sketchup problem rather than indigo, but thought I would ask here just in case.

I'm using match photo to set up a specific view/perspective so that my render can be dropped into the photo in photoshop later. Normally I follow these steps:

1) Insert matched photo, set the model up to suit perspective
2) Delete the matched photo scene
3) Create a new scene immediately to retain the perspective and then carry on modelling
4) Set up the output parameters in Indigo render settings and apply
5) Profit

This works fine on my desktop PC and has done for years, but on my Surface Pro everytime I delete the matched photo scene, the perspective of the view jumps slightly to something not in line with the matched photo, enough to make it impossible to composite into Photoshop later.

I can't figure out why its doing this. If I then close the file and open it up again, the model data is clearly sitting incorrectly against the matched photo, but clicking the scene tab corrects it all again - but deleting the matched photo tab as above and again the view jumps to something different.

Tearing my hair out, is it some sort of default view Sketchup is reverting to? I've tried creating a new scene and then simply turning off the matched photo but then I can't set the Indigo output parameters, the view then leaps to too close when I click apply.

Hoping someone can shed some light! For what its worth, Sketchup Pro 2017, Indigo 3.8.33, Skindigo

Thanks in advance.

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