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Animation Help

Post by Yiqin » Sat Mar 21, 2015 4:54 am

I've been using the Keyframe animation plugin from the sketchup extension warehouse and would like some help using the plugin to render clips in indigo (sketchy physics crashes with my models and i sometimes need to animate 20-50 items in the same clip):

Here's what i know about the plugin:
It creates a scene tab for each frame and it uses one layer per scene tab per frame.

So is there any existing way to export each individual scene as a single frame, and not lose the layer change in each frame, all as a batch (I did once export each frame manually and that worked but it's not feasible for hundreds or thousands of frames).

I've attached a quick sample the pre tween file (Each Scene is a keyframe) and the tween file (each scene is a frame)

Thanks for any help
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