SkIndigo 3.6.24 (beta)

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SkIndigo 3.6.24 (beta)

Post by OnoSendai » Tue Oct 22, 2013 5:10 am


This is just another small update to fix some people being stuck in simple UI mode :)

This is a beta release - please test. Please install Indigo 3.6.23 or newer before this version. Get it from here: ... =1&t=12606

To Install:
1) Download RBZ file from link below
2) In SketchUp, go to Window->Preferences->Extensions
3) Uncheck the SkIndigo checkbox, press OK, restart SketchUp
4) In SketchUp, go to Window->Preferences->Extensions->Install Extension
5) Select the RBZ file you downloaded
6) Check the SkIndigo checkbox again.
7) Restart Sketchup again.

NOTE: this elaborate process is to make sure the asset files get updated properly, which doesn't work if the extension is enabled.


#Version 3.6.24

#Forcing material editor UI mode to normal. (Fixes getting stuck in simple material UI mode)

Download: ... 3.6.24.rbz

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