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every time i add a color or texture to any of my models in SU it just stops working
and anytime i try to render a scene with indigo it crashes
anytime i try to get a material with indigo it crashes
im really beginning to loose my patience
does anyone have any suggestions?

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Indigo 100
That sounds very disturbed :mrgreen:

Sorry. Just could not resist that one :wink:

Anyway which versions of softwares do you use (INdigo, Sketchup, Skindigo) and on what OS ?

IIRC Skindigo is essentialy a Ruby script, so if things go wrong you could also post the output of Sketchup's ruby console. That would help a lot.

and i use the indigo plug-in
windows vista HP 64-bit
and would you know how i could get to the ruby console in SU?

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version of sketchup ?
version of skindigo ?
version of indigo ?

ruby console should be under 'window' tab menu. Launch console before the activity that crashes your system.

Sketchup 7.1 free edition
SkIndigo 2.4.13
Indigo v2.2.12

it was working just the other week
but if i still cant add a material to render :(
ive updated my GPU drivers
and have restarted since then

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