May 2017 Competition

Discussion forum for the bi-monthly Indigo Competition.
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Re: May 2017 Competition

Post by Zom-B » Wed May 31, 2017 7:05 am

Lal-O wrote:Oooooooohh, i everything makes sense. I apologize for my misunderstanding.
Also no assets that are copyrighted by a a third party. So you have to take care about models & textures!

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Re: May 2017 Competition

Post by yonosoy » Wed May 31, 2017 8:36 am

Entering with Heavy Weather (is the title of an old music album too).
158 Kb.
20 min. render.
Indigo´s output Ektachrome 400 XCD.

Rendered in V3.8, with some problems to acquire the same result in v4.0 ...
This circumstance...
In a while I post the results of V4.0

Contains the CTZn´s code for clouds.

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Re: May 2017 Competition

Post by fourzeronine » Wed May 31, 2017 8:40 am

Just a tip on HDRI's. I keep them at 32bit exr but scale the resolution down to something like 192*128 for example. Keep in mind that the sources for the HDRI's I shoot myself so I know they have all the range which is why I keep color depth over resolution. I usually shoot with 5-7 stops or more if necessary.

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Re: May 2017 Competition

Post by lycium » Wed May 31, 2017 9:05 am

yonosoy wrote:Rendered in V3.8, with some problems to acquire the same result in v4.0 ...
That's probably because of the silent change made to result of Indigo's camera tonemapping :(

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Re: May 2017 Competition

Post by yonosoy » Wed May 31, 2017 9:39 am

I´m refering more to the change in the FBM noise section, but you are all right with the tonemapping too.

v4.0.50, because in the last one the obstacle map is broken (so 0,7 MP).
Indigo´s output, with color curves correction.

Pigs size 112 Kb.
Update (same picture except the obstacle map) v4.054, so 1 MP.
Pigs file 7.31 KB (the minime).
Super sample 1.
Update (spherical cam).
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Re: May 2017 Competition

Post by aleksandera » Wed May 31, 2017 9:54 am

Here's my contribution to the competition.
Pigs. file size: 2.71 MB

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Re: May 2017 Competition

Post by Polinalkrimizei » Wed May 31, 2017 10:48 am

Hi guys, this is a quick and dirty entry - just a simple product pic with procedural textures from the database to save some space. Not at all top notch, but perhaps worth a cup ;-)
File size is 440KB.
Looks much better though with Bub's Old White Wall and Oscar's floor, but then it is around 140 MB :-(

EDIT: Render time on a GTX 1060 is about 5 mins, maybe less. Includes light layers (now a little tweaked), HDRI lighting, mesh emitters, and procedural materials that I didn't do myself!
REED - Contest.jpg
REED Inline Apfel an.jpg
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Re: May 2017 Competition

Post by arc en ciel » Wed May 31, 2017 12:12 pm

hi everybody,

a new entry :
OpenCL rendering
pigs file size : 4.94 mb
original model : I did it in Blender3D some years ago, it's inspired by Lambo rambo (model Cheetah) by Lamborghini : LM002

update 31 may - Wellington time : 23h19

update 02
toy lambo in openCL

My ultimate update with scatter function and some corrections !

the super ultimate update with optimizations (instance for wheel), radiocommander changed, ISL fantastic Galinette shader in action : Lambo_glassBead - 4mb pigs

half of the car is instance, simplified subdivisions, simplified shader's car, ameliorated motion blur's effect

06/06 --> HDR changed, cable winch added, smallest file size

11/06 -->complete retopology of the car with compatibility with Indigo's subdivision by 3 or 4, more instances objects, ultra compact 1.4 Mo file pigs

11/06-->Blue paint version, 32 millions of triangles in 1,4 Mo ! and more ... in largeCamera

21/06 --> the front of the vehicle completely remodeled, all ISL removed : twice as fast to calculate
(1.36 MiB) Downloaded 162 times
(1.38 MiB) Downloaded 109 times
(1.34 MiB) Downloaded 103 times
(2.54 MiB) Downloaded 82 times
(3.67 MiB) Downloaded 89 times
(4.04 MiB) Downloaded 91 times
(3.9 MiB) Downloaded 98 times
(4.97 MiB) Downloaded 89 times
(4.89 MiB) Downloaded 97 times
(5.03 MiB) Downloaded 98 times
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Re: May 2017 Competition

Post by Lal-O » Wed May 31, 2017 2:16 pm

This are my last attempts to get a decent entry to the contest :)

By the way....The sky layer and the satin glass ( that material that comes with Skindigo installer ) are not working when rendering with GPU ... Is that normal ? The satin glass turns dark and the Sky layer simply seems to be off ... ¬¬
Close Up Night.jpg
10 min Rendering NVIDIA TITAN X GPU
3.26 Mb .Pigs
Close Up Day.jpg
2 min Rendering NVIDIA TITAN X GPU
3.26 Mb .Pigs
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Re: May 2017 Competition

Post by aleksandera » Wed May 31, 2017 10:53 pm

The same scene, minor tweaking also a version without fog.

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Re: May 2017 Competition

Post by Yiqin » Thu Jun 01, 2017 12:12 am

Indigo Comp day.jpg
Day render, curves, scatter
Indigo Comp dusk.jpg
Mix sky/sun layer with ramped up lights
Indigo Comp night.jpg
Night by light layers, scatter
Lighted versions are from light layers (noisy - pt mode and not quite enough samples), Skindigo scatter, light curves adjustment on Day, pigs is less than 5MB (saved from day settings),

This is an old scene I had started but never finished (original ambition was to place sculpture models from work, Whitaker Studio, in the inner ring, possibly animate, and render spherical/vr). To meet the no copyright I made a few geometric designs and placed them instead.

Tried to run gpu render but my work laptop's gpu, a k3000m & where my work license resides, apparently isn't supported for gpu rendering so this is a cpu + network render.

I believe concrete came from Indigo material database. The rest are heavily modified google searched images or from sketchup.

no post processing on any of the images

Would love a second license to have at home.

Nikolaj Knudsen
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Re: May 2017 Competition

Post by Nikolaj Knudsen » Thu Jun 01, 2017 5:04 am

Hi all

Here’s my entry for the contest. Inspiration was an old well known painting (at least in Denmark) called The Fisherman. The painting falls under the category trivial art - mass produced art. Supposedly the original painting was painted in 1920 by Harry Haerendel.

My humble interpretation are done in Indigo with GPU in 28 m, 37 s with 15412.87 samples per pixel.

Scene size is 4.05 MB

Cheers Nik

(do a google search on "fisker maleri" to see different versions of the painting)

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Re: May 2017 Competition

Post by mateuszMDA » Thu Jun 01, 2017 7:01 am

Hello Ladies and gentleman!
Here's my humble mechanical heart for Indigo Render. Model, textures and HDRI by me.
I hope that using Indigo Logo isn't prohibited. ;)

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Re: May 2017 Competition

Post by Sroka8888 » Thu Jun 01, 2017 8:23 am

My Submission :

I find few hours ( deadline in work :D ) and make this FastSSS Scene.

Scene size : =/- 4mb ( i don't know how :D) base scene have 500mb :D - Super Optimization :D Compession level hard.
Render time = Bidirectional path tracing on 4CPU = 4/5 min

Blend layer shader:

Blend using mask + bump map on this mask
Paint - Oren-Nayar with Color map
Maps - Color,roughness,fresnel scale, bump, displace
IOR 1.4
Absorption - In this scale 500
Scattering - 4000
HDR - 128 pix

Maps - 128x - 4k
3D model form 3d scanning
Color Texture - 3d form scanning
Mask, Bump, Roughness - Substance Painter

PostPro - Nuke = LUT/GLOW/GRADE - little post.

3 Scene for different angle of view.

23:00 In Poland

Back to work
Mateusz Sroka
Platige Image - Lighting / Shading / Look Development Artist, Environment Artist

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Re: May 2017 Competition

Post by burnin » Thu Jun 01, 2017 9:04 am

Since better, faster machines are on the horizon I wanted to go full bananas on a simple scene with most adored materials (shaders). But it's either Blender exporter or my lack of experience with it.

Is on display, or it should be :)
Volumetric (fog) and rays (had to limit it, because of the fireflies all over).
Motion Blur on mesh Emitter, precious Metal & dispersed Glass... ? Doesn't appear so?
Using light layers is working nice, tho am wondering if simple animation can be done & exported within Indigo, is there such a plan or How to do it in simple way?

Anyway... imagery done with Indigo is truly sexy...
Thanks all and best wishes to everyone participating.
& Another, classical quickie :)

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