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Updated to v0.6: Indigo v0.6 on the Exchange

Discussion: odforce forum
changelog wrote:0.6 - 28 April 2008,
Added Archiving capability using Indigo "<include>". If you add "Archive Mode" and "Archive File" rendering parameters on you Object,
then you can choose to write out the geometry to an external igs file in a location of your choosing. Currently
it will only archive geometry and not materials (however, feel free to access hand-modified archives).
If you're using Indigo4Houdini archives you must current have the shader in your scene for the mesh to access.
This will be improved later to support writing materials into archives. You may also read archives generated from
other export software. Options are "No Archive (embed geometry), Write Archive, Read Archive"
Added "Save Indigo Image (.igi) file". (Kuba!)
Fixed exponent_map parameter. (vmuriel!)
Fixed the sunlight direction to be correct - the z-direction was flipped beforehand and now it seems right.
Thanks to those people on this forum who gave me some advice and info! 8)

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