XSIndigo Exporter 1.0 ( for SOFTIMAGE|XSI v.6.xx )

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XSIndigo Exporter 1.0 ( for SOFTIMAGE|XSI v.6.xx )

Post by rgigante » Wed Nov 14, 2007 4:36 am

Hi guys,

i'm glad to announce the availability of XSIndigo Exporter 1.0.

The plug-in packaged in an XSI add-on ( for a fast and easy-to-install approach) is compliant with the last Indigo Renderer release (1.0.3)
All Indigo Renderer features are today supported while also being supported subdivision surfaces (renderer/OGL mode), RenderTree (through the use of provided Indigo shaders) and Hierarchical Instancing.

The archive containing the add-on is available in the following section of this site: Download -> Exporter 3D Apps -> Softimage|XSI or directly at the following link XSIndigo Exporter 1.0.
Moreover, in the same section, is available in PDF format a brief introduction to the use of XSIndigo Exporter.

Best regards, Riccardo.

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