A Procedural Stonewall Factory (and texture baking in Maya)

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A Procedural Stonewall Factory (and texture baking in Maya)

Post by CTZn » Tue Jun 10, 2008 1:00 pm

Hello !

I thought I'd make a tutorial with video annotations but managing both maya and the recorder was really disturbing me.

So it's another mute video session, highly confusing for beginners. The final scene is below, don't miss notes in shading nodes (through Attibute Editor)




- - - -

Now, how to bake textures to file ?

If you used 2d textures only:

Hold RMB (right mouse button) over the texture you want to bake, drag left and release. You can set the desired resolution in the test Texture [] (option box) of the contextual menu.

If you mixed 3d and/or 2d textures:

3d textures are evaluated on surfaces. They will most always look different in scene than in swatches, so check the result in situation before baking them.

There is a command wich takes the name of a surface and the name of a shading node and then does the job. Executing the following will result in two file nodes with each a texture.

Code: Select all

convertSolidTx -bm 3 -rx 1024 -ry 1024 -fil "tga" pPlane1 RemapRamp1;
convertSolidTx -bm 3 -rx 1024 -ry 1024 -fil "tga" pPlane1 RemapRamp2;
If you run this with the provided scene you'll find yourself with a color and scalar maps ready to use, it will work as well on more complex meshes with proper UVs. Press F1 for more options for this command.

'hope that helps, enjoy !
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