Maya to indigo... very interesting

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Maya to indigo... very interesting

Post by MattMR2 » Sun Sep 24, 2006 4:53 am


I'm really happy to found an exporter for maya... great... I've just a beginner with Indigo (i work normally with Mentalray), so I have many questions :wink:

- What I can do with the current exporter ? how to control the specular phong parameter ? how to connect textures ?
- Where I must put textures and in what kind of format ?
- And an other great question how indigo 0.6 test2 can found the localinifile and the inifile when i start indigo in dos prompt (I must always start indigo from the indigo directory) ?
Sorry but I have others questions like : Is it the exporter will be support layered materials ? and how I can make it in xml codes ?
and that is the relation between the incadescence color and the emissive color and intensity for the meshlight emitter (I tried 0.5 in the incandescence parameter and in the xml file the result was 4650 ?) and How can I color the lightmesh ?

I stop the questions, but I have some idea for the exporter (I'm not programmer):
- Use multi threads to export quicker the scene
- great a materials editor (I know it's in progress) that support layered materials and bump

Sorry again for my many questions... but I'm so happy by an exporter which can use use with maya :D

Best regards
Great stuff for the indigo developement and for your exporter.

ps : In the exporter I tried image based lighning with the hdr file but it make me errors in the rendertime like can read texture something like that. the physical sky not work... but the constant sky (constant color under physical sky) work correctly. I can't use file textures.


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Post by arneoog » Sun Sep 24, 2006 5:29 am

Hello, MattMR2!!! :D
You are like the 4th or 5th Maya User here or something :P
Great to see another Maya user! 8)

1. Just check the Change Log and the Help File
Hopefully you find most of the info you need :)

2. Textures must be put in the Indigo scene folder or in a subfolder in the scene folder
Indigo takes .jpg, I don't know if it takes any other...

3. That problem is yet to be solved... You have to start indigo from the indigo directory for now.

4. Indigo doesn't support layeded materials, and neither does Maya To Indigo.
Go to the Documentation to se the XML material codes

5. ThatDude33 (Matt B) have to answer all of that... :)

-Multi threading is a great Idea! Don't know quite how to make it, but We'll find it out! (If ThatDude33 want it though)
-The Material Editor will support everything Indigo supports! :D

The HDR lighting uses .exr files
The Sky Light works, you have to create a Sun, under the creae menu

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Post by MattMR2 » Sun Sep 24, 2006 5:47 am

Yeah !!!

oki thanks a lot... I thinked indigo support layered material because in the old site I saw a white sphere in a cornell box with transparent slices(a mix of a diffuse material and a null material who make transparency) and I look somewhere in the forum something about this, That's why I asked them, I think maybe is not layered material but a tree material or something like that. I will post a topic in the main forum to understand how it make it ? :wink:

Thanks again

PS : I know that maya support execution of external program, this program can be multi-threads or start multi threads to convert, also an other way it's to start threads by functions like 1 to convert and other to make triangulisation option or something like that.


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Post by ThatDude33 » Sun Sep 24, 2006 6:01 am

yep, Arne got everything. About multi-threaded export- it's not possible unless I revamp the entire thing to C++ and write it as a plugin... which is not gonna happen any time soon :P
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