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MayaToIndigo 0.1N

Posted: Wed Sep 19, 2007 5:40 am
by bkircher
Hi there,

here is the simplified Version of Maya to Indigo that should be
both simple to understand and maintain for all of us Users:

In general, I removed everything special and tried to stick with a
basic concept:

- create a Maya-Script Node called mti_settings and store all relevant settings there.
If you have different preferences, edit the mti_ScriptNode.mel where they are generated. If you don't like the settings in an old scene, delete the node and start the script again (either mti_Main or mti_ScriptNode) to generate a new one.

- the gui connects the value of this mti_settings node with the displayed values.

- the script relies completely on the .obj export.
This is robust and reasonably fast, except if there a lot of objects in the scene. I tend to combine all Obj. with the same material in Maya, ungroup it and be done with it. (Does this have a performance impact?)

For this reason, there shouldn't be an issue with the Maya-Version that is used, as the syntax to use the .obj-export plugin hasn't changed , so far as I know.

What I think the next steps should be:
- nicer xml-output (spacing and such)
- check the environment options and the camera settings, connect FStop and focus distance with UI-Elements.
- create presets: Materials and Render-Settings
- create a custom material attribute that creates a Material with the comment text, so materials can be edited directly.
- render directly from within indigo (haven't found that out yet)
- add whatever you feel is most urgent.

have fun,

SpecRolloff is now multiplied with 100 instead of 10.

- - - -
edit fixed some things with instancing / the skylight