MtI: versioning

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MtI: versioning

Post by CTZn » Wed Dec 08, 2010 5:27 pm

I've settled with the current naming convention for MtI archives.

NB: MtI versioning is decoupled from Indigo's; MtI will nearly always be supposed to work with the latest Indigo version, as well as with older ones in most cases:

mti beta 2 test 8d

  • the name of the patchy mel exporter :P
  • the current release status. Note that there was no MtI stable release as for today.
  • Generation. They represent milestones along the development road, introducing major fixes or new features of importance.
test 8:
  • Bugfixes and new features.
  • Bugfixing the bugfixes and minor updates.

Makes sense ? At least there will be no more archive overwriting. I'm sure that some downloaders had issues with browsers cache, getting the older zip file they downloaded instead.
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