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Re: MtI 2.x beta 1

Posted: Wed Oct 06, 2010 4:34 am
by CTZn
This was maybe related with an install bug. I was fooled into believing that the py file was read and identified as a plugin from within the Maya scripts folder... but it was just a local copy sneaking from otherwhere.

It's fixed if you reinstalled from the latest update, the plugin is now copied into the "plug-ins" folder of your MAYA_APP_DIR. It doesn't exist by default, but if it's here then Maya will seek for plugins within.


The null material will be removed from the indigoShader. The layeredShader is for now in charge of managing transparency:

- with one single material connected, the layeredShader will blend it with the null material. The single material must have it's transparency driven by a bakeable node (texture) or oops there's a bug being fixed here. Or nothing :)

- in the same way than above, when many materials are stacked the last one can be transparent. Tick on the step blend checkbox of the transparency texture for a billboard transparency effect (clip maps).

- I'm reserving the option to use an empty layeredShader to declare the null material.

Have fun ;)

PS: Since I'm not yet into the documentation writing, do not hesitate to ask as many informations as required. In an order please !

Re: MtI 2.x beta 1

Posted: Thu Oct 07, 2010 5:49 am
by Lemo
Glad you're back on that exporter CTZn :)