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Post by braccoz » Tue Aug 01, 2006 4:11 am

Hi everyone!

I was forced to create a new account and to (slightly) change my user iD from Bracco to Braccoz, because my old account was inactive and, when I tried to contact the admin to re-activate it, my e-mail bounced back with an error from the e.mail server, very strange. Anyway, despite the user name change, I am still the same ;)

I have been abroad for a while for work, so I have a lot of new things to try, now I will go on vacation for a couple of weeks, but I am soo excited to test the 0.6 new features as soon as I can!

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Post by mzungu » Tue Aug 01, 2006 7:04 am

Radiance, you should go ahead and get a google ad bar going on Doing it early in its lifetime will mean less surprise/opposition from the userbase, and you can go ahead and get started on recouping some of the expense of this setup. Any extra, of course, can go to helping Nick out in Indigo's dev efforts. Or maybe you could opt for some kind of fixed percentage split... I dunno.

There may be opposition to it, too. I know I prefer the text-only ones and not the graphical banners (like blenderartist displays a little too often.) Thots?

EDIT: Oh, and also, not sure where to request this:
Could there be a couple more forum categories? Suggest:
- Indigo Tests (not really Finished, not really WIPs...)
- Forum-specific topics
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