Indigo 3.4 Stable released

General News and accouncements regarding the Indigo render engine
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Re: Indigo 3.4 Stable released

Post by Pibuz » Wed Nov 07, 2012 11:06 am

Indeed a great release!

Thanks a lot to the glare team for the hard work and the effort they put to make this wonderful software grow more and more!

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Re: Indigo 3.4 Stable released

Post by Xaon » Mon Nov 12, 2012 12:46 am


Il m'est impossible de rendre une scène avec cette version d'Indigo Renderer.

Je suis sous Windows 8 Professionnel en 64 bits et Google Sketchup 8. Lorsque je lance un rendu en utilisant l'accélération GPU, Indigo se ferme, sans message d'erreur.

Je possède un Phenom II X6 et une HD 5770 ainsi que 4 Go de RAM.
Les drivers de la carte graphique sont à jour.

Voici le contenu du fichier log :
=============================Indigo Started=======================================
Sun Nov 11 13:36:43 2012
Executing 'C:\Users\Xaon\AppData\Roaming/Indigo Renderer/default.igs --thread_priority belownormal'
Indigo Renderer v3.4.16, Windows 64-bit build.
Licence not verified, running in free mode.
Scene file path: 'C:\Users\Xaon\AppData\Roaming/Indigo Renderer/default.igs'
Rendering with GPU acceleration
Forcing bidirectional=false, hybrid=false, batched=true
AutoFocus: setting camera focus distance to 66.39706420898438 m.
Num buffer layers: 1
Master buffer size: 13.218 MB
Image width: 638 px
Image height: 439 px
Internal image width: 1292 px
Internal image height: 894 px
Verbose: false
Image save period: 60 s
Splat filter: FastBox
Downsize filter: mn_cubic, blur=1, ring=-0, support=3.2px
Render region: false
Supersample factor: 2
Metropolis: false
Bidirectional: false
Hybrid: false
Aperture diffraction: false
Post-process diffraction: true
Auto setting number of threads to 6.
Finished initialisation (Time Taken: 0.31 s)
Starting threads... (num threads: 6)
Using OpenCL device 'Juniper'
Starting render thread. (RNG seed=4)
Starting render thread. (RNG seed=3)
Starting render thread. (RNG seed=5)
Starting render thread. (RNG seed=1)
Starting render thread. (RNG seed=6)
Starting render thread. (RNG seed=2)

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Re: Indigo 3.4 Stable released

Post by Zom-B » Mon Nov 12, 2012 12:59 am

Hey Xaon, why don't give English a try in this international Forum?! So everybody can understand you and help :)

if that doesn't help:

- Does your scene render correctly without GPU acceleration?
- Does that scene worked for you in older versions of Indigo using GPU acceleration?
- What exact driver version you are using, some beta release might help here or even cause problems!
- Would it be possible for you to upload the scene and send a link to the devs, so they can have a detailed look into it?
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Re: Indigo 3.4 Stable released

Post by Xaon » Mon Nov 12, 2012 2:21 am


Avant-tout, je tiens à préciser que ma carte graphique dispose d'1 Go de RAM et non 4 Go (barette mémoire).

J'ai donc testé différentes versions d'Indigo Renderer.

Le problème apparaît à partir des versions 3.4.x, aucune problème avec les versions en 3.2.x.

Un rendu de 2 minutes avec l'accélération GPU avec la version 3.2.12 | 3.2.13 et la version finale 3.2 ne m'a posé aucun problème.

J'utilise la dernière version 12.10 (certifiée) pour la carte graphique.

Concernant la scène, c'est celle par défaut de Google Sketchup, avec le personnage.

I use Google translation.

Before-all, I want to clarify that my graphics card has 1GB of RAM and not 4GB (RAM chips).

So I tried different versions of Indigo Renderer.

The problem arises from versions 3.4.x, no problem with versions 3.2.x.

Rendering 2 minutes with GPU acceleration with version 3.2.12 | 3.2.13 and the final version 3.2 does me no problem.

I use the latest version 12.10 (certified) for the graphics card.

On the scene, this is the default Google Sketchup, with the character.

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Re: Indigo 3.4 Stable released

Post by LUMAX » Thu Nov 15, 2012 8:24 pm


i've install the the 32Bit Indigo 3.4 stable release on my Win Vista desktop, by the install it asked me for the 3dMax plugins 2011 64Bit, 2012 64Bit and 2013 64Bit. But i must have the 32 Bit plugins!!! So i get after
the install an error message fom 3dMax tthat i've not the right indigomax.dll.
What can i do?.


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Re: Indigo 3.4 Stable released

Post by CTZn » Thu Nov 15, 2012 10:43 pm


see this: ... p?p=112499
subpixel wrote:For size/sanity reasons there are IndigoMax versions only for max2011 / 2012 / 2013 64bit. Drop me a line, if some other is requested

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Re: Indigo 3.4 Stable released

Post by Zom-B » Fri Nov 16, 2012 12:04 am

LUMAX wrote:But i must have the 32 Bit plugins!!!
A 32bit system to work with 3D...
Well, there is a reason nobody else asked for a32bit Plugin before, you should think about it!

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Re: Indigo 3.4 Stable released

Post by Coen Naninck » Sat Nov 17, 2012 11:04 am

Wow... it's a LOT faster than the last test build I used, I think it was 3.4.10. I have a less noise image in a smaller amount of render time. Quality also seems to have been improved.

Great work guys!

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