Indigo 2.2. 100% Faster.

Faster Rendering

Image by enricocerica

We've been working hard to produce better quality results in less time. Serious performance improvements in our core rendering code mean that Indigo 2.2 is at least 2 times faster than Indigo 2.0.

Faster environment mapping

The same scene rendered for 30 minutes, In Indigo v2.0 versus Indigo v2.2.

Environment map sampling has been made much more intelligent, resulting in speed-ups of 10 times or more when using environment maps.

Improved Subsurface Scattering

Subsurface scattering (used for skin, candles and rubbery materials) has been improved to render faster and with less noise.

Faster Tone Mapping

Tonemapping is now fully multi-threaded making it up to 7x faster than in Indigo 2.0. Aperture Diffraction has also been optimized allowing for more rapid tweaking of the scene's mood.

New Material Editor

We built the Indigo Material Editor as part of our effort to make the technical features of Indigo accessible to more people. It lets you modify all the aspects of an Indigo material in a visual way, and compare before and after renders. For new users, or experienced Indigo users, the material editor lets you explore the physical properties of materials and then use those materials in your scenes. You can also browse, download materials from, and upload materials to the Indigo material database from inside the Indigo Material Editor.

User Interface Improvements

We've made a host of small improvements to the Indigo GUI to make it more intuitive and responsive.

Absorption Layer Transmittance

Absorption Layer Transmittance is a new feature added to the Indigo Material Medium, great for stained glass!

Exporter Updates

All of Indigo's supported exporters have been updated, supporting more features and better usability. Visit their respective link for more specific information.