1. Install Indigo: Download Link
  2. Download the latest Mayigo: Download Link
  3. Extract the MtI archive content anywhere on disk.
  4. Start Maya.
  5. Open the Script Editor (Window > General Editors > Script Editor)
  6. Source the file "mti_Installation.mel" you just copied on disk (Script Editor > File > Source Script...)
  7. At this stage MtI should be installed, seek for the Indigo shelf.
  8. Upon request: browse to the Indigo installation folder.

! Do not alter the zip files structure once copied on disk !
! for an automated install, it is mandatory to source "mti_Installation.mel" by browsing to it or Maya will not be able to locate the subsequent files.
! You must go through that procedure with each Maya version you intent to run MtI with.
! If you experienced an error during installation, please report it ! Same goes for the exporter, thank you for sharing your experience in the Maya forum.

- advanced users can install all files manually to their discretion.
- this applies also for Mac and Linux users, the scripted installer (just as MtI) was tested solely on Windows
- You can delete the extracted files after successfull installation(s)