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Indigo Renderer is an unbiased, photorealistic GPU and CPU renderer aimed at ultimate image quality, by accurately simulating the physics of light. State of the art rendering performance, materials and cameras models - it's all made simple through an interactive, photographic approach
with few abstract settings, letting you concentrate on lighting and composing your imagery.

Indigo Renderer 4.2

6 Dec 2019
We are pround to announce the official release of Indigo Renderer 4.2.
Indigo 4.2 brings render channels, GPU rendering speedups, CPU rendering improvements and much more.
Read about it (and check out the Indigo 4.4 beta details) here.

What's new in Indigo 4?

Brand new multi-GPU engine

Indigo's OpenCL-based GPU engine provides industry leading performance on Nvidia and AMD graphics cards. With a single modern GPU, it's approximately 10x faster than before. Simply add more GPUs and get the horsepower to quickly render incredible 4K images and animations.


Workflow & UI enhancements

A dark UI mode. Interactive material previews and light layer thumbnails. RGB colour curves and snappy trackball navigation.

These are just some of the new features making Indigo 4 the most streamlined and enjoyable version yet.


And a lot more ...

Fast SSS
Material preview
RGB colour curves
Interactive multi-region rendering
Light Layer thumbnails
Faster CPU Rendering
Queue override settings
Adaptive resolution
Contribution clamping
Trackball navigation
Filmic tonemapping
Measured BRDF support
Interactive aperture controls
Faster tonemapping
Pixel info picker
Adjustable light sampling
OpenEXR output settings
Improved MLT rendering
Optimised material models
Faster subdiv & displacement
Cinema 4D
3DS Max
The rendering quality is awesome, and it's so fast than I can set up scene lighting with our technical art director about seven times faster than with our other render engine
Mateusz Sroka, Platige Image
Indigo is usually my go-to renderer: it handles massive scenes very well. It loads fast, it's reliable, doesn't crash and produces beautiful results
Tom Svilans, architect


"We simply love the lighting and the realistic look. Without the need of tweaking and faking light situations or GI render settings, Indigo simply renders it as it is... and so we can fully concentrate on color grading and subtle post production. Almost like you would do it with real filmed footage."

- David Gudelius, Senior CGI Artist


"... 35K objects, 201 million polygons, 804 light sources and hundreds of materials. Indigo crunched through this data without issues and allowed a workflow with quick previews and great output quality without tweaking 1001 settings like in some other renderers. With this reliability I could focus on content creation and tweaking material in the project."

- Arthur Liebnau, Freelance CGI artist



9 Nov 2010

Indigo Online Manual

The Indigo documentation is now online as part of the website. It will be updated and expanded as development of Indigo changes, and it aims to be the most comprehensible gathering of Indigo documentation, in a readable format. Read up on Indigo, and feel free to send your comments and suggestions ...

13 Oct 2010

Atmospheric scattering tests

Over here at Indigo HQ, we have been doing some more experiments and optimisation of our atmospheric scattering code. Each of these scenes have a single light source - the Sun. The colour of the sky results from the light scattering off the atmosphere's air molecules and water droplets. Since b...

1 Oct 2010

Indigo for Revit Beta 4 Released with Revit 2011 Support

We are proud to announce the release of Indigo for Revit Beta 4. It now supports Revit 2011 and has many Improvements over the last release, such as: - Added support for Revit 2011 - Fixed problem where no 3d Views where found in non English versions - Added support for environment maps - Fixe...

16 Sep 2010

Indigo 2.4 Stable Released

We're pleased to announce the release of Indigo 2.4.13 as Indigo Renderer 2.4 Stable. We will be offering a special 15% reduction for the next two weeks, until September 30th, to celebrate the 2.4 stable release. Read about the new features and improvements since 2.2 here. You can view the pre...

23 Aug 2010

Indigo for Revit Beta 3 Released

We are proud to announce the release of Indigo for Revit Beta 3. It has many Improvements over the last release, such as: - An updated material editor - Online material database integration - Better conversion of light sources, using temperature, light intensity and IES settings from Revit - A...

13 Aug 2010

Indigo Renderer Showreel 2010

A selection of some of the finest renders made with Indigo Renderer to date. Watch it in HD 720!