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A bunch of .nk's blended together on 1 layer phong texture + exponent map, on 2th layer just phong texture (100% solid) and 100% transparent holes in (showing 1st layer).

Layer 1 (yellowish); Platinum, Gold, Molybdenum, Palladium.
Layer 2 (greyish); Titanium, Cobalt, Tungsten, Crystalline Silicon, Hafnium Silicide, Vanadium.

Edited: Packed with Indigo Material Editor.


Whaat said on 04-12-2009:

material cannot be opened by Indigo material editor and 'view source' does not work. Please fix this material. Only use Indigo software or exporters to pack materials, please.

Meelis said on 09-12-2009:

Hey whaat, i wasn't able do make pigm with Indigo Material Editor, i had some error.
Extract with 7zip.

What's 'view source' ?

Soup said on 17-12-2009:

Looks like the file PACKED_0_Scratches.png is corrupt. I got it to work by copying the beast scratches and renaming it to this.

Try re-saving it.

Meelis said on 18-12-2009:

Hi Soup

I downloaded it, and i can render it with Indigo 2.2.9
I can open the .png file with irfanview and Gimp.

Open the .png with your image editing program and resave it.

If u can't get it to work, i may send u tiff compressed with 7zip.

Soup said on 10-01-2010:

Extracting the pigm with WinRar gives a corrupt error on this file so I am unable to extract it.
Is the Material editor not archiving it properly?

Meelis said on 11-01-2010:

7Zip can extract for me.
For Linux peazip will do the work.

Soup said on 11-01-2010:

I've just tried with 7zip and getting corrupt error on same file...
Download the file from this page and try it? I'm not sure where the problem lies...

Its a nice material I hope it will work ;)

Meelis said on 12-01-2010:

I downloaded it again and it works.
Can u test in another computer?
Do virus scan, maybe u have a virus that corrupts data.

I upload images somewhere if i can and post link here. Anyway i have 8 layer textures too (total 59 MB). But doesnt look soo good i guess. And its tilable only in W direction, but in 5690 x 3840 res.

Can somebody else test it?

Meelis said on 12-01-2010:

Hi Soup

Download from: NB!!! (they are png's)
Rename to: PACKED_0_Scratches.png

Download from: NB!!! (u may not see the file but u can save it)
Rename to: PACKED_1_Beast Scratches.png

IGM data from
Save it in text editor with extension .igm

fused said on 12-01-2010:

hi, i uploaded the new repacked pigm file. can someone test it?

Soup said on 13-01-2010:

Success! I wonder what the problem was...

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