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Morning all,

Sorry if this is answered anywhere, I did search but couldn't see it - no doubt something deeply simple.

I have a sketchup model with 8 light layers in it. The resultant igi file is too big for Blitz on the Ranch (around 600mb) so I need to reduce it and some of you mentioned you can flatten light layers into one to do this - how?

I've put all my lights onto the same light layer, but when I render, Indigo is still showing all 8 original layers, even though everything is on layer 1.

As theres apparently nothing on these other 7 layers, does it matter that they're still being exported and showing in the light layer list, will they still bloat the igi file size? Or is there something else I have to do to get rid of them?

Again, apologies if this is a simple query

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Are you sure that you do not have remaining materials using the layers, even if these light materials are not applied to any geometry?

I do not see any other explanation

Eclat-Digital Research

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Hmmm, I don't think so, but I'll triple check. Generally I hve one light material for each light in my scene which is then on its own layer.

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