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Indigo News


Materials & lighting competition

Written Tuesday 14 Aug

If you haven't heard from our forum or newsletter yet, we're running a materials and lighting competition this month!

The challenge is to create beautiful interior renders using the provided scene geometry, graciously provided by Heiko Schmidt (aka Impulse on the forum).

Entries should be submitted no later than Thursday the 6th of September. We're really looking forward to seeing what people do with this great scene, and would like to thank our sponsors for the fantastic prizes!


1st place
1 Arroway textures Complete bundle
2 Evermotion collections*
2 CGAxis collections**
€200 designconnected.com voucher
1 Indigo Renderer licence

2nd place
1 Arroway textures Wood Veneers - Complete Edition
1 Evermotion collection*
1 CGAxis collection**
€150 designconnected.com voucher
1 Indigo Renderer licence

3rd place
1 Arroway textures Construction Materials
1 Evermotion collection*
€100 designconnected.com voucher
1 Indigo RT licence

* to choose from the categories Archmodels, Archinteriors or Archexteriors
** to choose from the category "all collections" on their store



- No 3rd party render engines (Indigo Renderer/RT must be used).
- No changes to the architecure allowed.
- Chairs, lamps, tables, or any other detail in the furnishing may be changed.
- Maximum of 3 final renderings. Camera angles are yours to choose.
- Final images must be submitted no later than the 6th of September. (post them here)
- If any post processing is done on the final images, the original images must be uploaded as well.
- Since the question came up: of course you can enter the competiton with the demo/trial version of Indigo.

If you have any questions regarding the rules or terms of use, please post in the forum thread or email us - thanks, and good luck!

UPDATE: updated prizes and rules.


SimLab Composer adds full support for Indigo Renderer.

Written Friday 10 Aug

The new release of SimLab Composer from Simlab Soft adds full support for Indigo Renderer. SimLab Composer will detect the existence of Indigo Renderer or Indigo RT on the machine, and will enable the user to utilize Indigo from inside SimLab Composer.



Read the full announcement here.


Detailed telescope renders by Axel Ritter

Written Friday 8 Jun

Indigo user Axel Ritter (forum username ritter) has been working on an incredibly detailed telescope model; both the geometry (e.g. thumbscrews) and the materials are exceptionally detailed, click the thumbnail below to see a full-sized image:

Detailed telescope by Axel Ritter

For more information and renders please see the corresponding forum thread: http://www.indigorenderer.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=115001#p115001


New Indigo for Revit version with texture support

Written Friday 8 Jun

We have recently released a new version of Indigo for Revit, in which we added, among other things, support for textures in the material conversion.

This simplifies the workflow a lot and it is now much easier to make decent visualisations with no manual changes on the materials at all.

This Revit scene was rendered with Indigo, directly out of Revit with no manual modifications to any of the materials:

We currently support Revit 2011 and 2012 and are working on support for Revit 2013.


2 days remaining in Indigo 3.2 release sale

Written Friday 18 May

There are just two days remaining in our 33% off sale, which we are running to celebrate the release of Indigo 3.2.

Until the end of May 20, Indigo Renderer will be available for €399 (normally €595), Indigo RT for €99 (normally €145) and Indigo 2.x to Indigo 3.x upgrades for €149 (normally €195).

Get in now if you don't want to miss out!


Cryptocephalus by Gabich

Written Friday 18 May

Indigo user Gabich has created some wonderful renders of the Cryptocephalus beetle, using Indigo.



You can read the forum thread here: http://www.indigorenderer.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=11586


Indigo 3.2 Release and Sale

Written Wednesday 25 Apr

Glare Technologies is proud to announce the release of Indigo Renderer 3.2, the world's most photorealistic rendering system.

To celebrate the release of Indigo 3.2, we're running a 33% off sale until the 20th of May!

Indigo 3.2 introduces new features such as the groundbreaking new sun & sky system, direct integration into Cinema 4D, and major performance improvements.
All these features, together with new documentation and tutorials, make this the most powerful and easiest-to-use Indigo yet.

For the duration of the sale, Indigo Renderer will be available for €399 (normally €595), Indigo RT for €99 (normally €145) and Indigo 2.x to Indigo 3.x upgrades for €149 (normally €195).

Visit the 3.2 announcement page to find out more.


Simple interior renderings by dcm and Zom-B

Written Wednesday 18 Apr

Indigo users dcm and Zom-B posted these "simple" interior renderings in the Simple Renderings Thread (which is notoriously full of not-so-simple renderings).

There is also a new spin-off thread, specifically for simple interiors: Simple Interiors Thread

(Click on the images for full resolution renders)

Arthur Liebnau's (aka Zom-B) interior render:

Scene from the C4D Network Bedroom Render Challange

dcm's interior render:


Woodworked furniture renders by Headroom

Written Friday 30 Mar

Indigo user Headroom has been using Indigo to create wonderful renders of woodworked furniture.

The first render is a chair design by David Haig. Read the forum thread here.

(Click on the images for full resolution renders)


The second design is by Headroom himself:
(Read the forum thread here)




Indigo Material Editing Videos

Written Monday 26 Mar

Recently we've been revamping our documentation and tutorials for the release of Indigo 3.2 Stable, which will be released in the coming weeks. As part of this effort we've produced 3 videos illustrating the basics of material editing in Indigo, which you can find on YouTube:

Part 1: Diffuse, Phong and Oren-Nayar
Part 2: Specular, Glossy Transparent and Diffuse Transmitter
Part 3: Texture channels

These short videos are hopefully informative and to-the-point, and we expect to release more videos covering the installation of various exporters soon.